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We are a Discord options trading community focused on trades that will consistently build any account size. We welcome new traders and veterans.  ⁣

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In our 🚀rocketeers-signals channel all of our admins alert their exact entries.

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You buy the same contract we do, when we do. Get trade updates periodically.

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We alert when the best time to take profit is to maximize your returns.

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You buy the same contract we do, when we do. Get trade updates periodically.

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Real-time signals

Follow the same trades our analysts enter. Get alerted when they enter a trade and when they exit.

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Receive watchlists for potential plays prior to open every single day.

Trading tools

Utilize our server bots to search for any stock’s data or news at your fingertips.

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Our members are active, and frequently alert plays they are following or entering.

News & earnings bots

We have bots pulling in the latest news and earnings you should be aware of.

Access to top traders

Look no further for the mentorship you need to take your trading to the next level.


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"Very thankful for rocketeers to allow me to play a part on this team as an analyst. My journey starting by blowing a couple accounts, but one thing is I stayed patient and never doubted what stocks could do for me and how life changing it can be. Now I can consider myself a profitable trader."

- maxjr12
"A lot of people always ask me for investing advice and how they can grow their portfolio to 10k-50k like mine. I thank Rocketeers for the opportunity in becoming an analyst, through scalping Amazon I was able to grow 10k to 40k within one month.This is not forex this is the stock market!"

- francobandz

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